We are in the last few days of 2012, an epic year for many both at home and nationally. In Fermanagh we have had some high profile events and of course nationally, there was the London Olympics and Paralympics and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations to focus attention.

We now turn our attention to 2013.

Perhaps we don't have the same landmark events pencilled into our calendars as we had for the past year, but personnally, everyone will have important dates concerning their families, their workplaces and communities.

There will be births, baptisms and weddings to enjoy in many households and form some, the prospect of family members graduating from university next summer.

In Fermanagh, of course, there will be huge interest around the globe on the G8 Summit which takes place here in June. The months leading up to that and during the period afterwards will be taken up with much debate but hopefully much admiration and respect for the people who live here too.

Many will say if we can host a high profile visit by Her Majesty, The Queen, then we can justifiably host world leaders.

The organisers of the G8 Summit will invariably find an extremely relaxed community to deal with, without the hustle and bustle experienced in an urban setting where this prestigious event will have been held previously.

From a tourism point of view, the G8 Summit can only serve to sell our Fermanagh Lakelands in the months and years to follow.

Our community of Fermanagh, a very close-knit one, has survived difficult times but we have shown the world that we can overcome these and become stronger for it.

Let's hope that 2013 brings us all the hopes and realisations of dreams we long for and that we show all those outside the county our positive qualities which are already widely recognised.

We wish all our readers a prosperous New Year of 2013.