There's no doubt it is a time of year that we look ahead and also take stock.

After the pre-Christmas rush and the time of celebration over Christmas, the new year is a Janus period, prompting an inevitable moment of reflection on what has gone by but also expectation for the year to come.

There are the practical matters to attend to - the display of new calendars, the purchase of new diaries and even becoming accustomed to writing 2013 instead of 2012.

But on a more basic level, it is a time that makes us inevitably wonder what the year will have in store for all of us.

This newspaper, like many others, pauses to reflect and recap the news stories of the past year. One of the aspects to this type of report is how quickly it appears that the year has gone in. Another is how while there are dark days and sadness, there are successes and triumphs too. Life's rich tapestry is reflected in the pages and it does make one wonder how the pages with 2013 at the top will report the events as they unfold in the coming 12 months.

Without the aid of a crystal ball, we already know that June is going to be a month like no other in Fermanagh.

The arrival of the G8 summit, announced late last year, to be hosted at the Lough Erne Resort Hotel will make those a few very interesting weeks. World leaders with sizeable entourages and all the accompanying security ramifications and a huge press corps also descending on the county will have an effect on day-to-day life for many.

It will bring the eyes of the world on the county in an unprecedented manner.

The next six months, as we prepare for the summit, will be interesting.

While there will be inevitable disruption, as one Council official put it, we should keep our eyes on the bigger prize.

Communications and infrastructure are to be be improved in advance - which would be a great boost for the county.

And for some families - the new year has already had an excellent start - with three babies born on New Year's Day. For two other families, 2012 ended on a high the births of two babies on December 31.

Beyond the G8, which looks set to be a big story this year, there are hopes for a good year ahead.

We wish you and yours a prosperous and peaceful new year.