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18 Jun 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Charity is the big winner

When there’s a challenge, then Fermanagh people are ready to show their support and prepared to dip their hand into their pockets to help charities.
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7 Jul 2015 11:37 • Roy Beers

Top Four Things to Consider When Creating Your First Canvas Print

Taking a fantastic photograph is one thing, but bringing it to life is a whole different ball game altogether. With professional canvas printing, you’re now able to add a whole new dimension to your picture with ease. Keep these five top tips in mind when creating your canvas if you want to ensure that the end result comes out as brilliantly as the photo itself.

8 Oct 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Beware of the scams from dubious sources

The public is well used to receiving scam emails, some supposedly from Nigeria where there’s a promise of a fortune and they are asking for bank details.
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1 Oct 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Time for taking responsibility for our own health

THE saying goes that: ‘Your health is your wealth’. But do we really consider our sexual health to be a top priority?
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24 Sep 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Showcase for young talent under threat

Some of the county’s leading musicians and artistes have begun their careers by participating in the Fermanagh Feis and over the organisation’s half century and more in existence, has given a platform for tens of thousands of yong people on the stage.
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17 Sep 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Another symbolic step for our community

The visit to Enniskillen yesterday (Wednesday) of the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins and his wife, Sabina, was indeed another symbolic gesture to mark the progress made by our community.
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3 Sep 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Disgrace of classroom long past its use-by date

We are all quite aware that it’s back to school this week.
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27 Aug 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Our sporting stars need proper facilities

There are hopes that lobbying for a Centre for Sporting Excellence in Fermanagh will not fall on deaf ears as more young people continue to dominate their chosen sport.
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30 Jul 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Road safety continues to be a vital issue in the Fermanagh area

Proposals to move the PSNI Road Policing Unit out of Fermanagh are a worrying development.
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23 Jul 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Counselling services symptomatic of our times

Life has become increasingly pressurised and troublesome for many people.
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20 Jul 2015 16:57 • Hugh Miller

Top five things to take on holiday to Europe

With summer at its height, and school out, it’s a time when many of us are thinking of packing our bags and heading off somewhere new for a week or two.

16 Jul 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

A weekend that was a real boost to our economy

It is heartening that both the leader of the Orange Order in Fermanagh and the Fermanagh priest trying to keep the calm in North Belfast agree that the violence that erupted in Belfast on Monday night would not happen here.
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9 Jul 2015 13:00 • Editorial Department

Let’s celebrate our community heroes

What makes our communities special places to live?
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25 Jun 2015 13:00

Courtroom dramas the scene for competing rights

One of the more unpleasant experiences in my career was appearing in the High Court as a witness in an action taken against the newspaper; it’s no fun being grilled and pulled apart by a barrister for hours on end.

11 Jun 2015 17:00 • Editorial Department

Opinion - Warren Little - Choice was a fine thing - but not anymore

For reasons best known to themselves, the modern woman likes to go to fancy hotels where they can have creams rubbed in.
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4 Jun 2015 15:00

Opinion - Warren Little - Panorama exposed the mutual deadlock on The Past

There was a microcosmic quality to Panorama’s revelation last week that an assault rifle used in the unsolved murders of five people, including a 15 year-old boy, was found in a display cabinet in a London museum.

4 Jun 2015 14:00

Opinion - Denzil McDaniel - The public’s right to know isn’t absolute

For a man who had a heart attack a few days before, First Minister Peter Robinson looked in pretty rude health when interviewed at the Irish Open Golf last week.

4 Jun 2015 12:00

Cuts hurting the most vulnerable

This week the Impartial Reporter reveals the news that Early Years funding targeted towards some of Fermanagh and South Tyrone’s most needy areas is to be slashed by over £35,000 in September.

1 Jun 2015 08:17

Fostering can bring joy to supportive parents

We cannot take for granted what comprises a family unit today because it could be somewhat different from how our forebears might have taken for granted in years gone by.

1 Jun 2015 08:01

Opinion - Denzil McDaniel - A handshake can mean nothing, or something important

Sometimes it seems to be a big deal if you refuse to shake someone’s hand; but why do it if you don’t mean it? Footballer Rio Ferdinand was right, surely, not to shake the hand of John Terry after the awful way the “leader, legend” behaved towards his cousin.

1 Jun 2015 07:57

Opinion - Warren Little - This plastic revolution will melt and leave a bigger mess

Come on, it was too much to expect that we could move straight from a state of conflict to a functional devolved government, wasn’t it? I mean, some of those now giving their views in the assembly chamber used to be more concerned with bullets in the gun chamber. They just need time to bed in, to get to know each other. To trust each other a little. Baby steps – that’s what the peace process is all about, after all.

21 May 2015 12:56

Making a contribution to the future by returning to a painful past

At the heart of the historic visit to Ireland this week by Prince Charles is a message about hope and reconciliation that has been articulated in a quiet, dignified and throughly admirable manner by Fermanagh man John Maxwell.

15 May 2015 16:36

What does the Jim Wells controversy say about society?

I only met Jim Wells once, and I found the Health Minister very pleasant; it was at a charity event and I know the organisers appreciated his support and time as he was such a busy man.

15 May 2015 16:36

A lack of compassion is the start of inhumanity

The trial has started of a former Nazi SS guard, accused of being an accessory to the murder of at least 300,000 Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War Two.

15 May 2015 16:36

Ouch...that hurts! Breakfast omelette muffins


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