The words and actions of the grieving parents of young Oisín McGrath are truly humbling.

They are an inspiring couple, whose generousity of spirit -- choosing to donate the organs of their beloved only son so others may live -- has been recognised by the many who supported them on Sunday at the launch of a Foundation in Oisín’s memory and those who will support them in the months and years to come.

In the collective consciousness of this county and beyond, the death of the 13 year old, whose sporting and intellectual talents were so abundant, seems so very recent. For his parents to turn their attention to such a positive and life-affirming project in his memory demonstrates an incredible inner strength that is frankly awe-inspiring.

Nigel and Sharon McGrath have spoken so movingly about the difficult decisions they faced in the intensive care ward where Oisín was being cared for.

They say: “While it was a difficult decision to donate Oisín’s organs, it was something that we probably knew we would do even from when it was first discussed. It was a devastating time for us and we were initially reluctant to even speak to the specialist nurse for Organ Donation, but, looking back, that was more about not wanting to believe what had happened and also because we were still fighting for our son, praying and willing him to pull through.” Oisín gave the gift of life to five people. His heart was donated to a 10-year-old girl. Oisín has given that little girl the gift of life.

And now his parents, in their grief, have so generously given us the gift of their wisdom. The Foundation that has been launched in memory of their son aims to be a force for good. It will promote organ donation awareness, raise funds for brain stem and brain injury research and awareness and raise proceeds to develop local sporting initiatives for young people.

Oisín, as his parents noted, was generous in both life and in death.

The Oisín McGrath Foundation is meaningful not only in what it sets out to achieve. What it also means is that a very, very special and talented young boy’s legacy will live on in the years ahead.