Information key to tackling drugs scourge

Published: 13 Sep 2012 15:151 comment

Our stories highlighting the drugs problem in Fermanagh took a new twist this week with the revelation that some drug users are turning to a horse tranquilliser to get their fix.

Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic used in horse surgery but which is also used in controlled conditions in human surgery. However administered wrongly it can lead to serious medical complications including death.

It indicates the lengths that drug pushers will go to just to provide a service to users.

Now health professionals and the police are speaking out to make people aware of the consequences of taking substances which can be extremely harmful.

Even Health Minister, Edwin Poots, speaking to this newspaper described the horse tranquilliser drug commonly known in the street as Special K as being extremely dangerous with the side effects very bad.

The police say the consequences for people using this drug and many other harmful substances is extremely worrying, warning that the horse tranquilliser drug was lethal to humans and had fatal consequences for those who used it.

Inspector Roy Robinson put it simply, "It is hard to know why anybody would want to consume something that is for a horse; if you imagine what this does to a horse and here you have people taking it, sends a shudder through me."

The drugs scourge which is now sweeping rural areas such as Fermanagh, has also led to mental health problems among young people, according to medical professionals. A number of unexpected deaths of young people are believed to have been caused by suspected drugs overdoses.

The police say everyone can help to combat the problem by giving them information about what they see happening in the street and they are keen to hear of suspicious activity so they can clamp down on this disturbing trend.

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