What is the true cost of our standard of living

Published: 1 Nov 2012 13:000 comments

After meeting two people from the Third World who only visited this county, thanks to the generosity of their hosts, it was very humbling to hear something about their life, their country and the differences they noticed while visiting here.

In the African country where they come from, few of the population have any worries about bank loans and mortgages, rather more fundamental issues such as where the next meal might be provided.

One noticeable difference between our cultures is that we are particularly attached to material things. But in a time of recession which we have been experiencing, helping to fund our lifestyles has become a struggle. A struggle big enough to find some people being extremely worried about it.

These pressures of 21st Century living have begun to manifest themselves in society, with some people with financial troubles resorting to illegitimate money lenders to help bail them out. The only problem is that this can sometimes lead to further anguish.

Debt has grown significantly in this county in the past year and is further adding to other pressures on family life, such as health and employment issues and the expectation to met certain standards.

Financial worries can lead to health problems, making matters worse.

There is advice freely available to those who need it. Tackle the issue early before it develops.

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