The 2nd Annual Fermanagh and Omagh Gymnastics Championships, which attracted entries from 325 young competitors from across the district, took place recently.

The competition, organised by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, brought together male and female gymnasts aged 5 to 17 who train at any one of the Council’s four leisure complexes, to compete in the closely contested Junior and Senior events.

Eimear Shannon, who trains at Castle Park Leisure Centre, Lisnaskea, was named Senior Champion while Niamh Smyth, who trains at the Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen, was named Junior Champion.

Speaking about the competition, the event organisers said: ‘The introduction of gymnastics classes at Omagh Leisure Complex has made gymnastics accessible right across the district helping it to grow. It was wonderful to see so many young gymnasts from across the area coming together to enjoy and compete in the sport at the first district championships.

The level of skill and sportsmanship on display was exceptional and the coaches from should be extremely proud of every single competing gymnast.

None of this would be possible without the support and dedication from the parents and guardians and we would like to express our thanks to them also.”

The Fermanagh and Omagh Gymnastics Championships took place on 1 and 6 April in Castle Park Leisure Centre, Lisnaskea and the Bawnacre Centre, Irvinestown respectively.

Full results list: Age 5 Girls Overall Winner: Lucy Rice and Amy Roche Level 1- Gold Lucy Rice & Amy Roche.

Silver Emily Hanna, Ruby Wray & Caoimhe McManus.

Bronze Rosie O'Neill & Olivia Clinging Age 5 Boys Overall Winner: Lorcan McManus Level 1- Gold Lorcan McManus.

Silver Michael Monaghan, Tyan Thomas & James Simmon.

Bronze Kayde Gormley.

Age 6 Girls Overall Winner: Poppie Beddard Level 1- Gold Orla Owens.

Silver Moya Magee & Evie Clinging.

Bronze Kelsey Johnston & Emily-Grace O'Donnell.

Level 2- Gold Zara Fisher.

Silver Aine Rice.

Bronze Jenna Rooney.

Level 3- Gold Poppie Beddard.

Age 6 Boys Overall Winner: Tomas McElholm Level 1- Gold Andrew Irvine.

Silver Alfie Huey.

Bronze Andrew Irvine.

Age 7 Girls Overall Winner: Naoise McManus Level 1- Gold Caragh Smith.

Silver Elsie Brown.

Bronze Fianna O'Neill & Caoilfhionn Mohan.

Level 2- Gold Chloe Smith.

Silver Aoife McGuigan.

Bronze Olivia Roulston.

Level 3- Gold - Jessica Hanna.

Level 4- Gold Naoise McManus.

Boys Age 7 Overall Winner: Dale Fisher Level 1- Gold Charlie Corrigan.

Level 2- Gold Dale Fisher.

Silver Jenson Ritchie.

Bronze Dylan McElwaine & Lorcan Rowntree.

Girls Age 8 Overall Winner: Niamh Smyth Level 1- Gold Bronagh Denver.

Silver Arwen McCallum & Connie Maguire.

Bronze Tiarna Simmons & Orlaith Lunney.

Level 2- Gold Phoebe Rutledge.

Silver Aoife Burke & Lucy Robinson.

Bronze Amy McGrath & Holly James.

Level 3- Gold Dervla McCusker.

Silver Eloise Boyd.

Bronze Brooke Davis & Agnes Blaserac.

Level 4- Gold Niamh Smyth.

Silver Kate McDade.

Bronze Ava Bannon.

Boys Age 8 Overall Winner: Morgan Kelly Level 1- Gold Morgan Kelly Junior Champion: Niamh Smyth Girls Age 9 Overall Winner: Maeve Duffy Level 1- Gold Ava Taggart & Emma Fawcett.

Silver Eimear McMahon.

Bronze Chloe Dogherty, Maya McBride & Jing Mai Se.

Level 2- Gold Amy Maguire & Anna Cairns.

Silver Maddie Shields.

Bronze Eibhleann McGinn, Megan Mohan & Lucy Leonard.

Level 3- Gold Jessica Johnston & Tiarna McCullagh.

Silver Molly Rice.

Bronze Deirbhile Mohan & Nicole Carson.

Level 4- Gold Maeve Duffy.

Vault- Gold Jessica Johnston.

Silver Molly Rice & Nicole Carson.

Bronze Abigail Boyd.

Girls Age 10 Overall Winner: Amy Meeke Level 1- Gold Caitlin Connolly.

Silver Jessica McArdle.

Bronze Chloe Black & Mia Mulligan.

Level 2- Gold Freya Brennan.

Silver McCusker.

Bronze Jessica Heap & Blathnaid Collins.

Level 3- Gold Grace McCormack.

Silver Eve Coutney & Cerys O'Hagan.

Bronze Angelina Kebeni & Kerri Roche.

Level 4- Gold Kyra Duffy & Jessica Connolly.

Silver Amy Meeke.

Bronze Cara McDonnell.

Vault- Gold Amy Meeke.

Silver Jessica Connolly. Saoirse Martin & Catherine McArdle.

Girls Age 11 Overall Winner: Niamh Smyth Level 2- Gold Ava Lorentzen & Aoife McPhillips.

Silver Katherine Armstrong & Ellie Fee.

Bronze Grace O'Laughlin & Keri Fitzpatrick.

Level 3- Gold Simona Chrursinaite.

Silver Edel McAdam, Chloe Allen & Jiraporn Magee.

Bronze Sophie Turbett, Megan Know & Amy McLoughlin.

Level 4- Gold Niamh Smyth.

Silver Sarah Rutledge.

Bronze Grace Garratt.

Vault- Gold Niamh Smyth.

Silver Sarah Rutledge.

Bronze Ella O'Donnell.

Girls Age 12 Overall Winner: Niamh Johnston Level 2- Gold Ella Archer.

Silver Caoimhe Goodwin.

Level 3- Gold Hope Mulligan.

Silver Jessica Hogg & Alanna Elliot.

Bronze Aoibhinn Mohan.

Level 4- Gold Beth McGowan & Jane McCarron.

Silver Niamh Johnston.

Bronze Jessica Johnston.

Vault- Gold Niamh Johnston.

Silver Tamleigh Gilmour.

Bronze Jane McCarron.

Girls Age 13+ Overall Winner: Eimear Shannon Level 3- Gold Rhian Thompson.

Silver Elisha Rooney.

Bronze Olivia Weir.

Level 4 – Gold Eimera Shannon.

Silver Sophie Meeke & Jodie Halpin.

Bronze Calire Teague.

Vault- Gold Sophie Meeke.

Silver Eimear Shannon.

Bronze Kim Thompson.

Boys Senior Overall Winner: Michael Keenan Level 1- Gold Daithi Mohan.

Level 2- Gold Tommy Watson.

Silver Dylan Thompson.

Level 3- Gold Cohen Abraham.

Level 4- Gold Michael Keenan.

Vault- Gold Michael Keenan.

Silver Cohen Abraham.

Bronze Tommy Watson.

Senior Champion: Eimear Shannon