Product Spotlight - Hybrids

Published: 2 Aug 2012 13:000 comments

The hybrid is now a fixture in almost every golf back in the world with many Tour professionals utilising the club to manipulate all manner of shots whether from the tee, in the thick rough or even around the green.

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The biggest advantage of a hybrid is that it has the feel of an iron, but the distance of a fairway wood, the perfect mix for those who struggle to consistently hit the higher irons in the bag such as a three or four iron. Whether it is consistently getting the ball up in the air or creating a shot that stays on the target line all the way to the green, the average player often struggles with the long irons.

Hitting the Hybrid

Generally speaking the most confusing thing for many club players is whether a hybrid, or rescue club, should be used like an iron or a fairway wood.

If you're struggling to use the club and reap the significant benefits of their design, the chances are you are trying to play them in the same way as you would an iron - hitting down on them.

This would seem logical seeing as they are a direct replacement for the long-iron, however, for the vast majority of shots they should be approached in the same way as a fairway wood, where you are looking to sweep the ball away and not take any sort of divot.

The set up should therefore be the same as for a fairway wood, with the ball being played in line with the inner left thigh (for right handed players) and the right foot slightly wider than an iron stance.

This will put the centre of the body slightly further behind the ball, helping to ensure the desired contact.

Finally, while the rescue club is useful for playing from semi rough, or when the ball's sitting down a bit, they are not magic wands that can get you out of any situations. If you've found a spot of bother you're often best to reach for something shorter than attempt to blast your rescue at it.

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