Local vets plunder lots of titles

Published: 29 Sep 2011 13:000 comments

The Fermanagh Veterans Tennis Tournament organised by Irvinestown Lawn Tennis Club was well supported by local clubs and those further afield from Belfast to Co Donegal and Cavan.

David McDowell making a return at Irvinestown.

David McDowell making a return at Irvinestown.

Play commenced during the week and culminated last Saturday. For the most part, the weather behaved and players enjoyed many competitive matches throughout the tournament

There were a number of local successes including John Maguire from Irvinestown taking the Over 45 Men's singles beating Stephen Cuthbertson from Omagh and Matthew McGann from Enniskillen defeating Andy Moore to take the Over 35 Men's Singles.

In the Ladies events, Maggie Britton from Irvinestown and Sonja Hateboer from Enniskillen were involved in an exciting three set match and came out on top against Joanne Daly, Irvinestown and Moya Gallagher, Butt Hall in the Ladies' Over 35 doubles. The Irvinestown pairing of Tanya Cathcart and Sandra McElroy won the Over 45 Ladies Doubles with Tanya also winning the Over 35 Mixed with fellow club member Brendan McGuinness.

One of the last titles to be decided saw Matthew McGann and Sonja Hateboer from Enniskillen come out on top in the Over 35 mixed with another local team of Joanne Daly and Brendan King from Irvinestown finishing as runners-up.

During the week all the competitors were very well looked after by George Beacom and all the staff at the Bawnacre Centre who provided refreshments and kept all the facilities in top class condition both on and off the court.

At the presentation of prizes, John Maguire, Club President thanked all the competitors for coming along, especially those who had come from all the visiting clubs. Thanks were also expressed to Fermanagh District Council for their support and to the organising committee for all their work in making the event happen.

It was one of the last tournaments in the event calendar but everyone was reminded of the 20th Anniversary Ball which the club is organising on December 2 and it is hoped it will be well supported by everyone.

The full list of winners and runners-up as follows:-

Over 35 Men's Singles - winner Matthew McGann; r/up Andy Moore

Over 35 C Men's Singles - winner Gytis Stamburas; , r/up Adrian McCabe, Cavan

Over 35 C Ladies' Singles - winner Bernie McGlynn, Butt Hall; r/up Wendy Eaton, Irvinestown

Over 35 Ladies' Singles - winner Moya Gallagher, Butt Hall; r/up Fiona Herbert, Letterkenny

Over 35 Men's Doubles - winners Brian Cushnie and Liam Kane; r/up John Maguire and Andy Moore

Over 35 C Ladies' Doubles - winners Pat Bonner and Susan Faulkner, Butt Hall; r/up Wendy Eaton, Mary McCoy, Irvinestown

Over 35 Ladies' Doubles - winners Maggie Britton, Irv and Sonja Hateboer, Ekn; r/up Joanne Daly, Irv and Moya Gallagher, Butt Hall

Over 35 C Mixed - winners Tanya Cathcart and Brendan McGuinness; r/up Catherine Taggart and David Lowe, Irvinestown

Over 35 Mixed - winners Matthew McGann, Sonja Hateboer, Ekn; r/up Joanne Daly and Brendan King, Irvinestown

Over 45 Men's singles - winner John Maguire; R/up Stephen Cuthbertson, Omagh

Over 45 Ladies' Singles - winner Oonagh Colton, Belfast Boat Club; r/up Rachel Logan, Omagh

Over 45 Men's Doubles - winners Alan Graham, Darren Pearce, Letterkenny; r/up David Craig, Pat McLoughlin

Over 45 C Ladies' Doubles - winners Tanya Cathcart, Sandra McElroy; r/up Bernie McGlynn, Julie Griffiths, Butt Hall

Over 45 Ladies' Doubles - winners Rachel Logan, Omagh and Kathleen Maguire, Irv; r/up Geraldine Friedlander, Gail McKinley, Belfast Boat Club

Over 45 C Mixed - winners Henry Venzon, Pat Bonner, Butt Hall; r/up PJ McArdle, Julie Griffiths, Butt Hall

Over 45 Mixed - winners Alan Graham, Lorna Reynolds; r/up Jimmy McCutcheon, Omagh, Oonagh Colton, Belfast Boat Club

Over 55 Men's Singles - winner David Craig, Limavady; r/up Chris Cielpchua, Enniskillen.

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