Mary Ann Mccormick

Mary Ann McCormick

MC CORMICK Mary Ann The relatives of the late Mary Ann McCormick wish to thank all her kind neighbours who were present at her home to welcome home her remains, also for all the help and support on the morning of the funeral. Special thanks to all who attended the wake, funeral, brought Mass cards, sympathy cards, food parcels, sent floral wreaths. Thanks to those who sat up during the wake, Pat, Stephen and Thomas. Also to those who helped to carry Mary Ann's remains on the day of the funeral. Special word of thanks to Father John Halton for all his spiritual support over the years to Mary Ann in her home, Nursing Home and Hospital. Also for the prayers said at the Funeral Parlour and her home on the night her remains were brought home; also for celebrating her beautiful Funeral Mass. Thanks to the Readers, Paul and Basil, also to Jack, Eucharistic Minister, and Jackie Bannon for the beautiful singing. Thanks to John McKeegan and Brendan for the dignified and professional manner they carried out the funeral arrangements and burial, also the Gravediggers who prepared her final resting place. We would like to thank Dr. O'Kane and Staff, Tempo Medical Centre for all the care given over the years; also Siobhan O'Reilly, Tempo Pharmacy and Staff. Thanks to Sr. Sheila Connolly and all the Nursing Staff for all the care given over the years. To all the Carers who attended Mary Ann in her own home over the years. We would like to thank Teresa Toye, Mary Ann's Social Worker, for all her help and support. Thanks to Matron, Nursing Staff and Carers of Gillbrook Nursing Home for all your care; also the Doctors, Nurses, Support Staff, A&E and Ward 6, S.W.A.H. We would like to thank the Catering Committee, Tempo Community Centre for providing the refreshments after the funeral. Last but not least, special thanks to all her good neighbours and friends who visited Mary Ann in her own home and more recently in the Nursing Home and Hospital. Jim Boyd, Audrey Woods, Lily Brown, Mary Breen, Martin and Phyllis, Marian and Freddie, Pat, Basil, Ian, Reggie, Paul, Noel, Colette, Claire, Geraldine and Paul, Una, Anthony, Adam, John, Breda, Bernard, Shawn. As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this as a token of our appreciation for all your support and kindness. Mary Ann's Month's Mind Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 4th February, 2018 at 11am in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Tempo.