Two contemporary artists have created a a radio programme based on their experiences at the Marble Arch Geopark.

One year ago contemporary artists Anna Keleher (Devon, England) and Claire Cot� (New Mexico) were busy undertaking their "Dreaming Place" art project at Marble Arch Caves Geopark.

Now they are launching the first episode of Radio Dreaming, a radio programme and sonic adventure woven from their experiences in this cross-Border Geopark.

Radio Dreaming listeners are invited to join Anna and Claire wild camping, eating, walking and kayaking their way through the Geopark to meet its people, places, creatures and things.

Episode 1 features stories, conversations and soundscapes of dreams, food, and the edible Geopark landscapes.

"Our broadcast gives protagonism to the diverse voices of these Geopark homelands. We really hope that Radio Dreaming will inspire others to listen and share stories in their own homeplaces," says Anna Keleher.

Radio Dreaming debuts this summer on Cavan Community Radio as well as on stations throughout Europe and in Anna and Claire's homeplaces in Devon, England and Northern New Mexico, USA. For broadcast schedule, visit