BORDERLINE Players come to the Ardhowen Theatre on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20 with the Rick Abbott farce, ‘Play On’.

This play within a play comedy follows an amateur dramatics society as they prepare for their annual drama, suitably titled ‘Murder Most Foul’.

The starting point of the performance is set just three nights before Murder Most Foul debuts, and we are introduced to the cast of the melodrama, a dysfunctional bunch of amateur performers where tensions between members are simmering.

The director is reaching his wits end as the set remains unfinished, cast members are still learning their lines, the backstage crew interrupts the rehearsals at every turn, and the novice writer makes sweeping plot changes on a daily basis.

Pandemonium ensues as the play edges ever closer, and with a final version of the script still in development, it is anyone’s guess as to whether the show will go ahead.

Play On is a lively farce featuring a well-known cast and for anyone who has ever been involved in amateur dramatics it is sure to open a mixed bag of emotions.