TV’s fastest rising star, the Million Dollar Mentalist, is returning to the stage in January 2016 with his brand new show, 'Fake Believe'.

David Meade's first night in Enniskillen has already sold out, so get your tickets before they’re all sold out.

Last year's tour sold out across the country, and this year's exciting new show promises to raise the bar yet again.

Meade, whose hilarious show has won rave reviews everywhere, now spends much of his time performing internationally.

Of this homecoming tour, he said: “I’m so excited to be back home with a brand new show - and this one will be the biggest I’ve ever attempted. This year the audience are in control, and if it doesn’t work my career and reputation will be in tatters!”

Perhaps most famous for his groundbreaking run of television on BBC One, he set the gambling world on fire last year when he became the first person in the world to win a cool $1.1 million dollars in a real game of roulette, in a legitimate Las Vegas Casino.

The story travelled all around the world, despite David deciding to do the right thing and give the money back.

“My skills as a mentalist can give me advantages over the average player, and while it’s not cheating to use those skills in the strictest sense, I knew I couldn’t keep the money," he says.

"I can’t pretend it was easy to give the money back though. I hadn’t anticipated how difficult that would be.”

In David Meade’s astonishing live show he reveals private PIN numbers, detects lies, reveals secret thoughts, and influences those around him with seemingly inexplicable results.

Do you think you have what it takes to outsmart a mentalist?

For those who think they can lie, a £1,000 cash prize will be awarded on the spot to any audience member who can successfully lie to David.

Tickets are on sale now, visit for more information.