Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed he has suffered an elbow injury while filming his new wrestling drama The Smashing Machine.

The US biographical sports film sees Johnson as former wrestler and mixed martial artist Mark Kerr, opposite British star Emily Blunt as his on-screen wife Dawn Staples and Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk – who recently beat Tyson Fury to become world heavyweight champion.

“Any time your film is called The Smashing Machine, you’re kind of going to get smashed up,” US actor Johnson said in a video on Instagram.

The 52-year-old showed his swollen right elbow, which he said resembled a “cantaloupe”.

“I got banged up pretty good today in our scenes,” he said.

“There might be some soft tissue damage in there, that’s a lot of fluid.”

Johnson said he has to have the fluid drained before he can have “any kind of MRI” scan.

“The pain feels pretty good, but all good, it is what it is, until it isn’t.”

He referenced an anecdote from his late father, a professional wrestler and bodybuilder, who used to say “a day without pain is a day without sunshine”.

Johnson concluded the video asking his 396 million followers for “advanced advice” on helping with the swelling of his injury.