SINCE leaving school four years ago, Country Singer Nathan Carter, who now lives in Fermanagh, has been taking the music world by storm with sell-out gigs, hit albums and an army of fans following his every move.

Born in Liverpool in 1992, Nathan started playing the piano accordion at the age of four, so from an early age he knew what he wanted to do.

His drive and determination has certainly paid off; now he is as familiar on the country music scene as the likes of Philomena Begley, Daniel O'Donnell and all the musical greats.

The star who spends most of his time touring Ireland with his band has built up a huge fan base here in Fermanagh and last week some of his followers got to ask their idol a question during The Impartial Reporter's latest Twitter Q&A session.

Natasha Donaghy (@tasha1611) tweeted: "You have to learn loads of songs, what's your tip for learning something quickly? Loads of students could apply this to essays." "I find writing lyrics or words out over and over again it sinks in," responded Nathan.

Aodhgan Murphy (‏@AodhganMurphy) asked: "What's your favourite genre of music after country and western? House/trance?" "I would listen to stuff like Motown and old pop. The Beatles and the stones are great," he replied.

Aisling Fee (@Aisling_Fee1988) tweeted: "You've became quite the pin-up lately, how do you deal with all the attention from the ladies?" "I consider it to be a real compliment when people ask me for a photo. I'm honestly flattered." Fermanagh man Sean McBrien (@SmcBrien1), who now lives in Australia, asked the singer if he intends to go on tour in his part of the world.

Nathan tweeted: "Hoping to get out to Oz in the next couple of years." He then told Cahir May (@CM_11) of his aim to tour Europe and the USA in the future.

Asked by Patrick McGarrity (@pajo_mcg) if he would consider moving into the drum 'n' bass/grime scene, he replied: "Not at the moment, but you never know." Shona Morrison (@Sho_Morrison) asked the singer why he pursued music as a career.

"Garth Brooks would have been a major influence," he replied.

He later told Anita Rasdale ‏(@anitaraz) that his musical influences include Brad Paisley, Merle Haggard, The Beatles and Philomena Begley.

Blondiesharks (@blondiesharks) asked if the rumours romantically linking him and country singer Lisa McHugh were true, Nathan tweeted: "Lisa and I have known each other for years and are great friends." Ruairi McGuinness (@rmcg85) tweeted: "Have you ever played GAA?? Roslea is in bad need of a junior full forward." "No, never played GAA but would be willing to learn," he replied.

Asked by Martin Breen (@mbreen06) about Fermanagh full forward Seamus Quigley, Nathan tweeted: "Big Seamie and the Fermanagh lads came to see us at our gig in Arney and I intend to go and see them beat Down in Brewster Park." Kerri Fee (@kfee_1) asked: "What's your daily exercise/diet regime?" "I would do my daily 10 mile run." Eoin Leonard (@Eoin_Leonard) tweeted: "Do you think you'll ever become a global superstar like Aul Johnny C?" "No, don't think so. Johnny is a legend," he replied.

Catherine Slevin (‏@caslev88) asked Nathan if he had any plans for a new album.

"Yes, Catherine, I am putting the finishing touches to the new album which will be released in September." Tara McLoughlin (@Tara_McLoughlin) asked the star where he sees himself in 10 years.

"Hopefully touring away and enjoying the gigs." To watch Sarah Saunderson's video interview with Nathan Carter visit