FERMANAGH and South Tyrone MLA, Phil Flanagan has refused to retract comments he made on Twitter in which he said Enniskillen town "looks like crap".

Mr. Flanagan was discussing the issue of flags, and in particular, the red, white and blue bunting that was erected for The Queen's visit and can still be seen throughout the town.

Responding to a tweet, the politician wrote: "The town looks like crap. Sooner those dirty, tattered strings of bunting are down the better. Along with ALL flags".

He followed this tweet up with another one, writing: "Kilmacormick looks no better. I'm sure the royal visitor was highly confused by the sudden change."

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday (Wednesday) Mr. Flanagan wouldn't back down on his controverisal comments.

"Of course I stand over my comments - because all you can see is flags and oul things that take the good look of the town away and look like crap," he said.

Asked if it was responsible for a local politician to use such language when discussing Enniskillen, he said: "Yes, I am giving an honest opinion. Flags completely take away from the appearance of the town. The fact people have used a royal visit to erect what was already tatty, battered bunting up through the town centre is ridiculous and whatever goodwill there was for this British culture has completely eroded," he said.

Mr. Flanagan says he is also calling for the removal of tricolours from the Cornagrade Road.

"I don't accept the flying of these flags. No flags should be flown to mark out one's territory," he said.