Sinn Fein's Phil Flanagan has backed the views of his party's deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald on the Sean Quinn situation.

Mr. Flanagan says the�key factor in the Quinn case is the establishment of the legitimacy of the �2.3 billion loan that was provided to the Quinn Group by Anglo Irish Bank and whether members of the Quinn family are liable for the repayment of that loan to the state.

"I completely agree with my party's deputy leader when she says that justice must be done before the courts; that is the only place this matter can now be resolved.

"In my view, it is imperative that the court case determining the liability for this loan is heard in a prompt manner and that no further side issues are dealt with until a decision on the legitimacy of this loan is made by a judge.

"All other outstanding issues are conditional on the outcome of that case and as such, they should be put on hold until that decision is made.

"It is not up to the media, to politicians or to anyone else to determine the outcome of this case. That decision needs to be made by a judge and the sooner that happens and a clear outcome is decided, the better it will be for all concerned."