THERE were angry scenes at a gay marriage protest outside the Townhall tonight when DUP Councillor Cyril Brownlee threw a letter he was given by protesters back at them.

He said he threw it back because it was "of no interest" to him and described same-sex marriage as "totally wrong".

Frankie Dean, who organised the protest, challenged Mr. Brownlee as he made his way into the Townhall.

"I think it is disgusting that you are a councillor and you won't even read what is in the letter. You should have the decency and the politeness to read what is given to you."

"The majority of people in Northern Ireland are opposed to same-sex marriage," replied the councillor.

Ulster Unionist Councillor Rosemary Barton said same-sex marriage was "morally wrong" while her council colleague Basil Johnston stated that the "time is not right" for gay marriage in Fermanagh.

John O'Kane, SDLP, has not yet made up his mind, adding: "I will make my view known in due course."

Sinn Fein councillors joined the protest against their own council, with Councillor Barry Doherty saying: "I would be protesting against the decision made by the council and some of the councillors, yeah. We believe this was a rights based issue."

The protest took place after Fermanagh District Council became the first local authority across the Province to allow the Sinn Fein motion on gay marriage to fall by nine Unionist votes to Sinn Fein's eight.

LISTEN: The moment after the DUP's Cyril Brownlee (not Robinson as stated in the recording) threw a letter back at protesters.

LISTEN: "Time not right for gay marriage in Fermanagh," says UUP's Basil Johnston.

LISTEN: UUP's Rosemary Barton: "Same-sex marriage is morally wrong".

LISTEN: SDLP's John O'Kane hasn't made his mind up yet about same-sex marriage.

LISTEN: Sinn Fein join protest against Fermanagh Council.

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