The first step in a process that will culminate in the completion of a permanent memorial to the victims of the Remembrance Day Bomb took place today (Friday).

In recent months, The Ely Centre, Enniskillen have been overwhelmed by support from the public and politicians across Northern Ireland in their appeal for a monument to the innocent victims of the Enniskillen Bomb, this support and commitment to the families of the bereaved and injured was substantiated by the large turnout from all sections of the community at last Thursdays remembrance events at the Cenotaph and Saint Macartin's Cathedral Mr Jim Dixon (Ely Centre, Chairman) stated: "I would like to thank all those who have encouraged the centre in its call for a permanent memorial to the victims of the Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bomb. The memorial will be a lasting and fitting tribute to those innocent people who lost their lives on that day, it will serve as a permanent reminder to the families of the bereaved that their loved ones will never be forgotten and that the callousness of this heinous terrorist act is never blotted out from the history books".

Outlining the background to the project Mr Lee McDowell (Ely Centre Manager) stated: "Following the feedback received from the membership and wider cross community support for the proposal of a permanent memorial, we sought and were successful in attaining grant aid from Fermanagh District Council."

Mr McDowell continued: "The FDC funding will enable the centre to undertake a feasibility study into our proposal. Following a procurement process, the contract was awarded to Macaulay Associates Network. I am delighted to say that the feasibility study, a vital element of the memorial project commenced on Friday 16th November in the Ely Centre when consultants met with a number of representatives of the group to determine the timetable and objectives which lie ahead� "In the upcoming weeks, a number of focus groups, interviews and consultations will be scheduled with representatives of the bereaved and injured families, local community and business leaders and voluntary and statutory organisations representing the wider Fermanagh community"

Mr Dixon concluded, stating that: "Through a series of consultations it is envisaged that wide communal opinions and preferences on the proposal will be attained. Potential locations and designs presented and outline fundraising, costings and legacy issues highlighted and considered."

Following the consultation process a final report will be presented to the Ely Centre and Fermanagh District Council. For Further Information contact the Ely Centre on 02866320977 or email the organisation at