RELATIVES of the McDermott brothers in the small village of Donagh have had their family home attacked, been the target of intimation, received death threats and required police protection.

Johnny McDermott from Moorlough Road was jailed last week for indecent assault and gross indecency of an eighth victim -- the fourth time that he was jailed in as many years. He, along with four of his brothers, sexually abused children in Donagh for over 30 years and is still the only brother to have been jailed for the abuse. Owen Roe and James McDermott were deemed unfit to stand trial and Peter Paul McDermott hanged himself at the beginning of his trial. Willie McDermott, a fifth brother, died in 1994 before any charges were brought against him.

Now it is understood that the members of the McDermott family that are left living in Donagh are "living like prisoners in their own home" following the developments in the notorious child sex case.

The Impartial Reporter understands local unrest built up in the south Fermanagh village in June of last year, culminating in an attack on the McDermott home and even death threats.

Michael Connolly who was sexually abused by the McDermott brothers for a period of seven years from the age of eight wants other members of the family to be "allowed to live their life in peace."

In a letter to this newspaper, Mr Connolly, who has waived his right to anonymity, said he wanted to "remind the general public that the McDermott brothers who have been found guilty of the crimes they have committed are the only members of the McDermott family who were involved in the systemic abuse of children."

He reiterated that "no other members of the McDermott family or the extended McDermott family were involved in any of these crimes" and added: "I would sincerely hope that no prejudice or improper behaviour is directed at any of the McDermott family living in Donagh. I also sincerely hope they will all be allowed to live their life in peace and without shame and be given all the support they require."

The Impartial Reporter understands the Police Service of Northern Ireland provided the family with police protection during an intense period last year after serious concerns were expressed.

The family members currently living in Donagh are said to be "absolutely petrified" and "just want to get on with their lives."

Meanwhile, it has emerged that parish priest Canon Peter Duffy, who died in 1994, was involved in the sexual abuse of some children in Donagh in the 1970s and 1980s.

Michael Connolly told the BBC last week that he was one of the priest's victims.

He said: "The priest was just as bad and he did exactly the same as what the McDermotts had done. I just couldn't believe it, I thought I'd found refuge from Donagh, I thought I'd found some place where I was safe but I wasn't, I wasn't even safe with the priest."