A senior police chief has said he can not rule out the possibility that dissident terrorists may try to disrupt the G8 summit by using Lough Erne as a means to gain access to Enniskillen.

PSNI Superintendent Alywin Barton said it would be na�ve for the police not to plan for it but added "it is our business to maintain the security".

Speaking on board one of the boats that will be used to police Lough Erne during the summit, Superintendent Barton said the PSNI's marine plan will cover all aspects of "threat or risk".

"We have the G8 summit coming to Fermanagh and that brings eight of the most prominent world premiers to our county and to our country, and it is important that we provide a safe and secure environment for the people who come to Northern Ireland," he said.

Officers will be drafted in from across the UK and will assist the PSNI on securing the lakes.

"We have contingency plans in place for those people who may want to use the waters as a means of bridging the gap between where a protester is and where the world leaders are." Familiarising visiting officers with Lough Erne is another key part of the PSNI's marine plan.

"They do not know the geography of the lake; this is about getting to know the hazards and complications and getting to know the tourist and fishing community. It is important that those officers have an empathy of the atmosphere of living, working and socialising on Lough Erne," he said.