A MAJOR roads scheme in Enniskillen which would see a number of additional lanes introduced to improve traffic flow is expected to begin within the next year.

The Impartial Reporter understands that Transport Northern Ireland is working on multi-million pound plans which would significantly improve traffic problems on the Dublin Road.

It’s understood that the project has been split up into three phases, with the first consisting of adding an additional lane on the Dublin Road, adjacent to the Masonic Hall and Belmore Court Motel, providing another route out of town. As part of this phase there are also plans for improvements at Wickham Place, close to the entrance of the Model Primary School, with the introduction of two additional lanes. Work on this phase is expected to begin within the next financial year.

Phase two of the scheme includes improvements to the traffic lights system at Gaol square, close to South West College, with the addition of an extra lane on the Wellington Road throughpass resulting in two right turns onto the Dublin Road. It’s thought this phase will commence shortly after phase one has been completed.

The third phase, which could cost around £3 million and is being considered as a major project, involves adding an additional lane on the Inis Ceithleann bridge, close to Cafe Mauds and adjacent to the footbridge at Erneside Shopping Centre, which would lead to the Dublin Road.

It’s understood that Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy discussed the plans with officials when he visited Enniskillen last week. A spokesman for Transport Northern Ireland confirmed that it is progressing “the first stages of an improvement scheme to help traffic flow in Enniskillen” which would “benefit residents, business owners and visitors to the area.” “To ease traffic congestion on the A4 through Enniskillen town at peak times Transport NI plans include a road widening scheme in the 2015-16 programme on the Dublin Road, close to its junction with Wickham link. Discussions are ongoing with those landowners affected.” Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott, who met with Minister Kennedy last week, has welcomed the proposals, saying the scheme would improve traffic congestion “considerably.” “This is a major three phase project which would help motorists and traffic flow in Enniskillen. Danny has progressed this scheme and also the plan for the Southern Bypass. There has been talk about it for decades but Danny has proceeded with it like no other Minister has ever before. This is good news for motorists in Enniskillen,” said Mr. Elliott.