Kerri Blyberg, Alliance Party

Q: “How will you sort out education here: build or merge schools in Fermanagh-south Tyrone?”

A: “Schools in Fermanagh-south Tyrone have the reputation of being some of the best in Northern Ireland. But, as with the rest of Northern Ireland, our education system faces funding challenges due to empty places and our divided education system. Alliance has long supported integrated education which would address these concerns and free up money to invest in helping pupils achieve their best.”

Q: “How will you tackle anti-social behaviour in our community?

A: “With an Alliance Minister in the Department of Justice, crime rates have fallen and our streets are now safer. With significant progress being made in tackling anti-social behaviour, Alliance will place a particular focus on three other areas of criminality; domestic and sexual violence, emerging crime types such as cyber-crime and hate crime, to make people safer in their homes and on the streets.”

Q: “How will you mend the problems at South West Acute Hospital?”

A: “South West Acute Hospital is a crucial part of health provision in Fermanagh-south Tyrone. Alliance will continue to support a health service, universal and free at the point of use, but we believe that the status quo is not sustainable, and that reform of the health service must be pursued. We will implement a programme of reform for the health service and plan for the future of the health service based on clinical evidence. This will ensure resources are available for reducing waiting lists and investing in services such as mental health.”

Q: “What measures will you put in place to help young offenders?”

A: “In the Department of Justice, Alliance commissioned a wide-ranging review of the youth justice system, and has worked to implement the key recommendations. Within two years of taking office, Alliance ended the long-standing, and internationally criticised, practice of imprisoning young people alongside adults, and introduced Youth Engagement Clinics.

We'll continue this by ensuring that children who offend are speedily held to account for their actions, but within a welfare system which meets their multiple and complex needs, and provides the opportunity for them to repair the harm they have caused, and become re-engaged in normal society.”

Q: “How will you make your party, which has been almost invisible in Fermanagh-south Tyrone, appeal to constituents?”

A: “Alliance's vote rose in every constituency, including Fermanagh-south Tyrone, in the election last year. Whilst we have further to go in Fermanagh-south Tyrone than elsewhere, I am confident that more and more people will continue to respond to the Alliance message of taking Northern Ireland forward, faster.”