‘Our Sunday School’ was the theme presented by the children and young people of the Clogher Valley Free Presbyterian Church to the congregation on their annual Children’s Day, held recently.
This theme was introduced to the congregation by Sophie McIlwrath who highlighted the many aspects of our Sunday School including: To Share the Gospel, To Study the Scriptures and To Serve the Lord. 
The first section on Sharing the Gospel began with the Sunday School Choir singing three pieces entitled, ‘Come and go with me to my Father’s House’ with a solo verse by Robbie McIlwrath,‘Tell the Children’ and ‘Little by Little’ with a solo verse by Amy McClung, accompanied by Rebecca Cuthbertson and Natalie Honeyman on the flutes. This was followed by a group recitation entitled ‘I love to go to Sunday School’.
The second part of the programme focused on ‘Studying the Scriptures’ with a group reciting the verses of Psalms 121. The senior members of the Sunday School sang ‘Thy Word is A Lamp unto my Feet’, followed by a group recitation when one of the youngest classes recited the Books of The Old Testament.  
A beautiful instrumental piece was brought to the congregation entitled ‘I have a Precious Book’ and ‘As the Deer’ which included Anna McIntryre, Amy McClung and Hannah Wilson on the violins and Rebecca Cuthbertson and Natalie Honeyman on the flutes. To continue, a panel of senior members of the Sunday school explained the importance of learning Catechisms and Joel Honeyman questioned each pupil on a sample of Catechisms which were recited from memory.  
The Junior Choir highlighted that Jesus was the most important character within the Bible by singing a piece entitled ‘It Was Jesus Who Taught His Disciples’ with a solo verse by Rachel Wilson. A group recitation continued with a poem entitled ‘Stories from Scripture’. This section concluded with the youngest members of Sunday School singing about some Old Testament Characters entitled ‘Only a Boy Called David’ and Daniel was a Man Of Prayer’. 
The final section on ‘Serving the Lord’ highlighted to the congregation how the Sunday School supports a missionary project every year. Bethany Robinson and Rebekah Cuthbertson provided details of the current missionary project in Uganda which the Sunday School are supporting both financially and in prayer. The full Sunday school choir brought their final pieces including ‘I’m singing for my Lord’, with a solo verse from Annie McMullan and ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd’, featuring a solo from Laura Robinson.
Both morning and afternoon services concluded with relevant stories from scripture for the boys, girls, parents and visitors, from the Rev. David Brown, Larne.