Emily Finlay-Moore from Bellanaleck recently had her long hair cut in support of a chosen cause.

The 10-year-old made the decision herself to go for the new shorter hairstyle and donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

This charity provides “real hair wigs free of charge to children across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.”

On Wednesday, August 16, Emily went along to Advanced Beauty in Enniskillen and had her hair cut by Louise Hicks.

Her long tresses were plaited into two plaits, before she had them cut off for the worthy charity. Her mother Olivia said each plait measured 15 inches!

Emily, who is now sporting her new style, is due to go into P7 at Jones Memorial Primary School, Enniskillen, on Friday, September 1.

Speaking about her decision, she said in her own words: “Mine will grow back, a little girl with cancer may not be able to do that.”