The Hughes family from Enniskillen attended an All Ability Superhero Triathlon event on August 19, 2017 at Dorney Lake, England. 

The event they entered was the Superhero Tri Sprint which was a swim of 150 metres in the lake, a three kilometre cycle and a one kilometre run. 

Caleb and Callistus Hughes, the sons of Paul Hughes and his wife Jayne, who both have cerebral palsy, were able to enjoy and take part in all the stages with assistance. 

Jayne explained afterwards: “We borrowed two kayaks and the boys were towed around the lake by team members Stephan and Dan. We then transferred the boys to two chariots which were attached to bicycles and cycled 3km around the lake and finally completed the 1km run with the boys in their chariots.”

She added: “We all had a very memorable day which involved so much fun for all the 1,500 superheroes. With just a little bit of extra thought and effort everyone of all ability were included and enjoyed the experience.”

Jayne’s niece Katherine Armstrong was also in the team and really enjoyed taking part in her first triathlon. 

Jonnie Peacock, David Weir and Kadeena Cox were among the Paralympic athletes taking part in the event.

Jayne summed it up: “It was a unique event which will hopefully be repeated next year. It provided an opportunity for families who have had to endure different challenges to simply come together with other families and enjoy a sporting event which was all about celebrating life - the motto of our son Callistus.”