THE son of a man caught up in a house fire in Belleek last week says his father is waiting to hear if he will require a skin graft for the severe burns he has suffered to his head.
Kieran Flanagan spent 24 hours in an Intensive Care Unit following the fire at his home in Belleek last Tuesday.
His mother, Kathleen, managed to escape with a burn to her hand.
The mother and son lost everything in the early morning fire, including their beloved pet dog.
In response, the community of Belleek has generously been raising money to help them get back on their feet.
“The house is completely gone but we are so thankful they got out alive,” says Kieran’s son, Andrew.
“Nanny got discharged from hospital last Thursday to Millverne with a burn on her hand and singed hair. Dad was transferred to the Royal for the burns he suffered: a badly burned hand and arm and he is waiting to hear if a skin graft is needed for the burns to his head.”
Studying in Liverpool, Andrew, along with his sister, who is living in Belfast, returned home last week to be with their family.
“They are both fine but at the moment they are apart because nanny is in Millverne and daddy is in Belfast.
“She did get to see him last week before he went up to the Royal, and I think she was brought up to see him today (Monday) from Millverne,” said Andrew.
Now back in Liverpool again, Andrew says his family are eternally grateful to the emergency services and family, friends and members of the community who have all offered such incredible support since the fire which destroyed their home.
A crowdfunding page has been set up to raise money to help Kathleen and Kieran get back on their feet.
The JustGiving page was set up by Joanne Cunningham.
“I have known the family for most of my life,” she says, “Kieran was in the year above me in school and I have always had a soft spot for Andrew, he is a good cub.
“So far we have raised £1,560.”
The Housing Executive are currently in the process of finding accommodation for the mother and son. 
But in the meantime, local Keown Auctioneers are providing a temporary furnished cottage in the area.
“They have lost everything,” says Joanne, “They need our support.
“I am delighted so many people have already come forward.
“A local business in Ballyshannon, Decorworld Curtain and Blind Centre, has offered to supply whatever paint, blinds and curtains are needed. Other people have been contacting me to say they have a table and chairs, or a dresser, bed side lockers -- whatever is needed.
“It is very heartwarming to see such generosity.”
Helping Hand, Belleek’s local charity shop has a donation bucket for the family and people can bring in home items, specifically for the family too,
“You never know when something like this could come to your own door,” says Joanne, “I would like to think that if it happened to me, people would be there to help me out as well.”
Anyone wishing to make a donation to the appeal for Kieran and Kathleen can do so by logging on to: