As the pupils in the test club at Irvinestown Primary School embarked on their first entrance tests recently, Year 7 teacher Mrs. Jenny McKeown decided to present them with a small token - ‘Mrs. McKeown’s Test Survival Pack’. 

She penned a poetic piece, having put together the survival kit as a practical gesture to help them on their way. She felt they had worked so hard and this was a “motivator” for them. “I just wanted to make them feel ready,” said Mrs. McKeown.

For her, it was a means of reassurance for the 15 children who attend the school’s test club and are sitting the entrance tests this year.

“It was just a token - just to mark how hard they had worked,” reiterated the teacher, who said the children were pleased to receive the kit, when she handed it out in their club. Parents were also delighted with the teacher’s presentation to the young people. 

Mrs. McKeown believes it “will be something that will keep them steady” during the ongoing entrance tests.

Her Survival Pack notes: “Here are a few things to help you be prepared and not scared! A pencil to help you record the knowledge you have learned. A sticker to remind you to stick to the task in hand. A rubber to use when you check over your answers. Tissues in case you get the sniffles. Smarties to boost your test taking brain power. A penny for good luck! A mint as a little encourage “mint”.”

And she concludes: “I wish you the best of luck. Remember all the hard work that you have done and believe in yourself! You can do it!”