THE heartbroken mother of a 37-year-old man who died from a massive heart attack at his home in the early hours of Saturday morning has described kissing her son goodnight before he went to bed on Friday night.
Cinema manager, David Johnston from Lack was found by his mother, Betty, lying length ways in his bed on Saturday morning.
A doctor confirmed he had been dead for almost an hour before he had been found.
Suffering from diabetes, Mr. Johnston had complained of chest pain around a fortnight before his untimely death.
However when doctors could find nothing untoward, he had been using aspirin to treat the pain.
Describing his death as a huge shock to her family, Mrs. Johnston said her son had been putting a lot of effort into his role as manager at IMC Cinema in Omagh following a complete refurbishment of the property in recent months.
“He came home from work on Friday night and was talking about how he was planning to take a week off soon,” she told The Impartial Reporter.
 “I kissed him good night and he went to bed. 

“A post mortem on Sunday told us that he had suffered a massive heart attack,” she said, “We were told that even if the paramedics had been there, there would have been nothing that they could have done for him. He was only 37.”
During his funeral service at Colaghty Parish Church on Tuesday this week the avid Newcastle United fan and passionate rugby player was described as a man who was “always cheerful, never demanding and loving towards others”.
Enniskillen Rugby Club formed a guard of honour outside the church in tribute to the man who had coached for the youth team in recent years as well as being a former player himself.
Although he had spent much of his career working in both Enniskillen and Omagh cinemas, he had also worked in The Impartial Reporter for a short period of time as well as taking on the role of a classroom assistant 
Rev. Alan Irwin, who officiated during the funeral, told The Impartial Reporter that his family were finding great comfort in the knowledge that Mr. Johnston had a strong Christian faith.
“He grew up in the Colaghty Parish,” explained Mr. Irwin. 
“There was always a great gentleness about him. This has been such a huge shock for everyone.
“David always had a cheerful disposition, he was never on to boast about what he was doing to help others. In fact it is only now that his family are learning about some of the things that he had done for other people.
“David had lived with diabetes, but he had still continued to live a full life, never allowing it to rule him in any way,” he added. 
Mr. Johnston is survived by his parents, Geoff and Betty Johnston and sisters of Karen and Sandra.