Photos by: John McVitty

NOTHING makes a motorist’s blood boil like hitting a pothole.

Unfortunately, roads across Fermanagh are peppered with them.

The Impartial Reporter photographer John McVitty has been out and about capturing images of some of the county’s worst potholes.

On our Facebook page this week, we asked our readers whether they felt the situation was getting worse.

By Wednesday morning, the post about potholes had attracted over 180 comments.

The overwhelming feeling was summed up best by Raymond McManus, who simply stated: “Fermanagh is known as pothole county.”

Derek Maxwell, one of the many people to respond, quipped: “More tar in a packet of fags than on the road system in Fermanagh... disgraceful.”

Several of the people commenting recognised the potholes that John had photographed in Enniskillen.

Rachael Tipton stated: “We know this pothole pic well. Go over it everyday bringing the child to school. It’s horrendous!! And getting worse too!! The county is covered in them....”

Patricia McKillion claimed that there wasn’t a road in Fermanagh that hadn’t a pothole.

She added: “Reported the potholes on the Knocks Road, the Coalhill Road heading to Nutfield Cross and the Derrylin Road over a week ago and they are just getting worse!!! They will cause a serious accident yet.”

Stephen Jackson, who stated that his job had him on the road five days a week across the west of Northern Ireland, wrote: “I have noticed in recent months that the standard of roads in Fermanagh gets worse by the week. The investment in our infrastructure in general appears to be minimal.”

Many of the people leaving messages were unhappy with the length of time it was taking the authorities to repair potholes.

Danny Griffiths noted: “With the exception of roads like the A4, they do seem to take a long time to get potholes fixed.”

Others blamed the ongoing stalemate at Stormont for the continuing woes of motorists in Fermanagh.

Paul Kellagher stated: “I destroyed a tyre in one the other day. Another example of the failure of politicians to deliver anything to the people.”

Caroline Rice was in agreement.

She posted: “Sure so long as the big heads are getting paid to sit around no one cares about the roads.”

Antoinette McCusker emailed us to say she had reported “major” potholes on the Ned Road, Derrylin.

She stated: “They have got so bad and have caused damage to cars. They are posing a danger to those who walk on the road as the potholes are so bad, the cars swerve to avoid them and force people almost into the hedge.”

Several of the people commenting on the post warned that the snow and ice being experienced across Northern Ireland was making the situation even more treacherous.

Mary Gallagher wrote: “Just home from nightmare journey on Shore Road to Belleek. Not able to see potholes due to snow so hit one and have probably damaged wheel. This road is a disgrace.”

Potholes can be reported online directly to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) at: