A GROUP of animal rights activists have claimed to have disrupted a hunt by the Fermanagh Harriers for the first time.

In a tweet posted at the weekend, the Northern Ireland Hunt Saboteurs Association alleged that its members had “sabbed” - slang for sabotaged – the local club's hunt on Saturday.

The message on social networking website, Twitter, stated: “Today we sabbed the Fermanagh harriers, who like to boast about being the oldest hunt in all of Ireland and UK, this hunt has never been sabbed before.”

The group also posted a picture on the site of one of its members allegedly freeing a hound that had become “stuck in a gate”.

In a longer message, described as a 'hit report', that appeared on their Facebook page, the hunt saboteurs alleged: “This was a vast area that they covered and also a new area to sabs, but we kept on them most of the day. We are confident our presence saved wildlife.”

It concluded: “Fermanagh harriers, we will be seeing you very soon. Long runs the fox!!!”

The Facebook post, which has been shared 92 times, has attracted over 340 reactions and dozens of comments.

Currently, fox hunting remains completely legal in Northern Ireland.

It is banned in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Fermanagh Harriers were contacted by this newspaper about the allegations.

They declined to comment.