THREE weeks on since areas of Lisnaskea were engulfed with water due to the after effects of heavy rainfall and snow, families and farmers alike are still battling with the floods.
Rivers Agency man, Geoffrey Read and his family had been isolated on the Kinmore Road outside Lisnaskea for over a fortnight.
Although flooding has receded on one side of their subsided road, making it passable by car again, they are still enduring multiple electricity outages.
“The water is really only starting to recede now,” he told the Impartial Reporter on Monday this week, “We have endured this for about 17 days.
“It’s taking far too long for the water to go down, for whatever reason.
“In the past when there has been flooding, the water has dropped a lot quicker.
“Given that there hasn’t been any heavy rainfall over the last few weeks, I would have thought it would have only taken four to five days for it to go down.”
The flooding on the Kinmore Road left it impassible for most vehicles, including emergency services.
His neighbour, Stephen Reihill, had to take his mother to hospital in a tractor last week.
“A family member saw the Fire Service out a few days ago, checking to see whether their appliance would be able to make it through the flood in the event of an emergency,” said Geoffrey.
“The most annoying thing we are having to put up with now is our electricity going off for a few hours at a time. I would say it has gone off five to six times.
“My eldest daughter had a birthday party at the weekend. I had to meet family on the road and bring them to the house in the tractor.
“When she was blowing out the candles on her cake, the electricity went out.
“We had to get the torches and candles on again.”
Across the water, beef farmer, Ross McVitty is only beginning to see the tops of his fence posts this week as the water level on his farm begins to recede.
“I have pumped the water out of the flood defences but Thursday is forecast to give heavy rain, so we could be back to square one again.
“It is such a pain. I’ve been taking the bin out on the link box just so that it will be emptied.”
A spokesperson for the Department of Infrastructure said: “The Kinmore Road flooded on Sunday, January 21, due to the high water levels in Lough Erne caused by snowmelt and heavy rainfall. The road remained inaccessible by car until Sunday, February 4. The Lough Erne water levels have now receded and the road is open to all traffic.
“The Kinmore Road was raised following the 2009 Fermanagh flooding event, however due to weak ground conditions the road has since settled.
“There were three roads in the Lisnaskea area including Kinmore Road which were inaccessible by car during the recent flooding. DfI Roads will undertake an assessment of each of the three roads to establish the work necessary to limit the effects of future flooding. Any works carried out will be dependent on future budget availability.”