Another mass shooting at a school in the United States, this time in Florida and more lovely young children gunned to death.
It’s hard to take it all in, and it is even more difficult to comprehend the psyche of that wonderful country when it comes to a love of guns.
On this side of the Atlantic, we just cannot take in the logic of some in America who think that the way to solve this crisis is for everyone to have a gun and that would be a deterrent to people who load up with semi-automatic weapons.
All this is possible because those who make money from it, the NRA, has paid for the election campaigns of those in power.
So, while there is speculation this week that Trump is possibly having a change of heart and will consider some measures, we cannot be too optimistic. 
This runs deep and tinkering at the edges won’t solve it. Root and branch reform and a major change in attitudes is the only way.
I found a sign put up in an Australian Anglican Church particularly poignant. “When will they love their kids more than their guns?”