HEALTH Visitors based in Fermanagh have been redeployed to the Northern sector of the Western Trust to fill gaps which have resulted in an ongoing problem for more than three years, the Impartial Reporter understands.
Providing information to the Impartial Reporter this week, the individual, a whistleblower, says 600 children in the Northern sector of the Western Trust have not received surveillance by the Health Visiting service in a backlog which has been ongoing for over three years.
“To address this major governance deficit the Trust has required all the health visitors in Fermanagh to work exclusively in Derry to address this situation,” they say.
“The consequence of this for the children and young families in Fermanagh is that the professional and statutory surveillance and monitoring is not taking place.
“They are being compromised and left without a critical service.”
A spokesperson for the Western Trust said: “The Western Trust at times experiences a shortage of Health Visitors in different locations. 
“To ensure all routine health surveillance is completed, Health Visitors can be asked to support their colleagues.
“This support has minimal impact on the continuing delivery of health visiting in the areas that offer that support. It is always a short term measure that is kept under review.”