THE family of the four people who died in a house fire in Derrylin last week say they are “absolutely heartbroken” by their loss and want to get their remains home to Birmingham.
The victims named locally as Crystal Gosset, who was in her 40s, her 16 year old son Edward and her 19 year old daughter Diane and her young daughter, believed to be under two, died following a fire in their bungalow near Doon Mountain last Tuesday morning. 
Speaking for the first time about the tragedy, James Dickens, who is married to Mrs. Gosset’s 28 year old daughter Samantha, told The Impartial Reporter that their loss is “immeasurable.” 
“We are heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken. No matter how many thoughts and prayers there are and how much community support there is we have lost four members of the family, we have lost three generations at once.
“It’s hard to get over that, the loss is immeasurable,” he said yesterday (Wednesday). 
As the fire raged neighbours, including landlord Tommy Fee, tried in vain to gain access to the house on Molly Road using a sledgehammer but each time they peered through the blackened windows of each of the bedrooms they could see and hear nothing. 
“We have spoken to Mr. Tommy Fee but we really didn’t get to express our gratitude as much as we would have liked. We think what he and others did was such an absolute selfless act and act of community and trying to say thank you just isn’t enough,” he said. 
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Mr. Dickens said the help and support from the people of Fermanagh has touched his family.
“It’s generally warmed our hearts that the people of County Fermanagh and Derrylin have come together to help and support us. We have seen so many messages from people online and we can’t thank them enough,” he said. 
The prospect of holding a vigil in Derrylin in memory of the Gossets has been mooted, said Mr. Dickens, following conversations with church leaders in the village. 
“If this goes ahead we would be happy for anyone in County Fermanagh to turn up, we would be happy to see them at the vigil if we are able to go ourselves.”
Mr. Dickens has set up a special fundraising page in order to help raise enough money to bring the remains of his wife’s mother, sister, brother and niece home to England.
“The family live in Birmingham and Kent. This money would be to get us us over to Belfast and County Fermanagh so that we can deal with the funeral arrangements and the vigils, otherwise we’ll have to deal with things on this side of the Irish sea.
“And that is why we are asking for help, we are not going to be able to get over there without a bit of help. We have been overwhelmed by the support and we can’t thank the people of County Fermanagh enough,” he said. 
Detectives investigating the deaths have ordered that a chimney and part of the gable wall of the property be knocked down for safety reasons.
There was a heavy police presence last Thursday night as the vehicles carrying the bodies of the family including the baby girl drove slowly along the snow covered Molly Road bound for Belfast for postmortem examinations.
Specialist officers are expected to remain at the scene until at least this weekend, it is understood.

To donate to the fund to help bring the remains of the Gossets home visit and to leave messages of condolences visit a memorial page set up by the family at