A 24-YEAR-OLD man was charged with drug dealing after telling police that he shared his cannabis with a friend who called round, Fermanagh Magistrates Court has heard.

Gareth Parker, of Abbey Drive, Enniskillen, pleaded guilty to possessing a Class B controlled drug, namely herbal cannabis, and possession of a Class B controlled drug with intent to supply on December 17, 2017.

The court heard that, during a search of the defendant’s home address, police had uncovered eight grams of herbal cannabis, valued at £80, as well as a cannabis grinder.

He was subsequently charged in connection with the seizure and admitted ownership of the substance.

After district judge, Nigel Broderick, asked how the defendant came to be charged with supplying the drug, defending counsel, Ciaran Roddy, told the court that, at the answer lay in his client’s police interview.

The court heard that, during this interview, Parker had told officers that he would share it with a friend whenever the friend called round.

Mr. Roddy told the court that it was not a matter of “commercial supply”, rather a matter of “social supply”.

The barrister also revealed that Parker, who is currently doing community service and subject to a Probation Order, had breached a suspended prison sentence by committing these offences.

District judge, Nigel Broderick, observed that he would defer sentencing in the case for six months, on a number of conditions.

The judge ordered the defendant to stay out of trouble, complete his outstanding community service hours and continue to engage with his Probation Order.

Mr. Broderick warned that if there was any “slippage” in these conditions, the case would be brought back to court sooner.

Addressing Parker directly, the judge said he was giving him a chance to avoid prison.

“It’s up to you,” he added.

The case was adjourned until September 24 for an addendum pre-sentence report.