A FERMANAGH woman has described the “unbearable pain” she experienced as she was dragged from the dancefloor of a licensed premises in Enniskillen by her hair on Sunday night.
The woman, who does not want to be identified for her own safety, has been left with a large bald patch on her head after a female, whom she once described as a friend, literally pulled the hair from her scalp.
Still in pain she says she has been left fearing for her life as a result of the ordeal which took place in front of friends and staff at a local public house.
Speaking to the Impartial Reporter on Tuesday from her family home, the young woman described how her father had been physically sick when he first saw the state his daughter had been left in after the ordeal.

She explained that she and the female perpetrator had been friends for around a year. However the friendship had come to an end.
She explained she was in an Enniskillen pub. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw her.
“I told my friends I didn’t want to leave because of her. She came over and I asked her to leave me alone.
“She pushed me and I gave her a push back. The bouncers saw all of this and immediately came over. I told them: ‘Watch her’.”
The female came over again.
“She punched me in the face,” says the young woman.
She described being pulled from the dancefloor by her hair.
“That was it: I was in hysterics.”
Friends and staff tried to restrain the woman.
“It felt like it went on for an hour but it would only have been a few minutes,” says the woman who adds, “I felt every bit of it.
“A male friend told me: ‘I was trying to get her off but she was gripped to your hair and that was it.”
When they were prised apart staff warned the woman that the female was waiting outside for her. “They got rid of her and told me there was a taxi right at the door for me.”
The woman went straight to the police.“I was in hysterics,” she says, “They told me to go to A and E and that they would take a statement from me the next morning.
“My hair has been pulled right from the root.
“I am so self conscious of it, I’m not sure it will grow back.
“A friend picked up every bit of my hair, there was so much of it. The police have it all now.”
She says she is finding comfort in the messages of support online, many from people she has never even met. It is the only thing keeping me sane,” she says, “It is so lovely.”
A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “Police in Enniskillen are aware of a report of an assault at a premises in the High Street area of the town in the early hours on Monday morning, April 9.”