A 60-year-old who was caught driving at 119 miles per hour did so because he was “desperate” to go to the toilet, Fermanagh Court has heard.

Brian Sheridan, from Dernavogy Road, Fivemiletown admitted the speeding charge when he appeared at Fermanagh Court on Monday.
The court heard that at 11.16pm on January 29, police travelling in an unmarked car on the A4 close to Maguiresbrige were overtaken by a Mercedes car. The maximum speed recorded on the police speed recording device was 119 miles per hour, which was 59 in excess of the speed limit.
When stopped, Sheridan told police he had a medical condition and had to do to the toilet.
Sheridan’s defence solicitor said: “He was desperate to get home for the reasons set out in the doctors’ letter.”
He said Sheridan stopped immediately when police put on their strobe lights.
District Judge Bonita Boyd asked: “What is he going to do about facilities in the future? Is he going to speed every time this happens?”
She fined Sheridan £250 and issued five penalty points.