Running woman Aravon McCann has become the first person in Fermanagh, and the third female in Northern Ireland, to complete the Abbotts World Marathon Majors.
The Abbotts Worlds comprises of six marathons from across the world: London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo and Boston.
Aravon tackled all of these within two years.
It is certainly no mean feat, but the business woman had a lucky charm with her every step of the way, willing her to the finish line and to achieve her ultimate end goal.
Aravon’s daughter, Aine, died at the age of eight in 2002.
It is in her memory that she took up the challenge, raising £7,000 in the process for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).
Asked how she has found the strength to take it all on, despite such an immense loss she replies: “I must just be a bit of a lunatic!”
In total, Aravon has completed 16 marathons within three years.
In many ways, her running is a form of escapism, as well as providing a common bond between her and her other two daughters.
But although running has become such a huge part of her life, just a few years ago she had no interest in donning a pair of trainers and taking to the roads.
“I never ran in my life before,” she says, “Before all of this, I was one of those people who said I couldn’t run - it just wasn’t my thing.
“But after a skiing injury which tore my knee to bits, I had to start jogging as part of rehabilitation. That is where it all started.
“I began with a 5k and a 10k. I did my first 10k in Lisbellaw - I didn’t even know what was going on or where I was going - I knew nothing.
“You do these crazy things in life!”
Her biggest challenge to date however, was taking on the last of the six world marathons in Boston this year, when the weather was the worst on record for the huge event.
“Boston was horrendous,” she says, “We faced 30 mile an hour head winds, torrential rain and we were running in 2 degrees.
“It was freezing. I am one of those people who never really gets fazed by anything.
“But at the starting line I was scared. I was thinking I might not even start it never mind finish it!”
But she did - securing not only her medal for the Boston Marathon, but her medal in recognition of completing the top six world marathons.
“I kept thinking: ‘You can’t stop’. I knew the major medal was the the end of it so I had to just push on.”
The owner of K9 Kennels, Aravon pays tribute to the generosity of her customers, who had generously donated to her chosen charity.
“They know this means a lot to me and who I am doing all of this for,” she says.
“I lost my daughter 13 years ago and that is who this is all for.
“She is always on my mind when I am running, I carry her card in my bum bag when I am out - she is always with me. I can just imagine what she would make of all of this - she would say I am mad!
“My other two daughters think that too but it is great to see they share the interest and it is a great talking point for us together.”
Aravon isn’t likely to put down her trainers any time soon.
She is already planning to take on the Boston marathon again.
“I would like to go back and see it the way it is supposed to be rather than the horrendous weather we experienced this time.”
She pays tribute too, to her friend, Helen Mulligan who has travelled with her to many of the marathons, her daughters Aisling and Aoife for their continued support and love and her coach John McDonnell, as well as her local running club in Maguiresbridge.
“John has been running all his life and he is from Boston originally so I think he was more excited than I was to hear I was going to it!” says Aravon.
“Our running club is great - it accommodates all runners and there is a great social aspect to it as well.
“We have our own five miler coming up now soon too - it is a tough but very rewarding course.
“I really enjoy running - it has taken me all over the world, and what more do you want? All you need is a pair of runners and off you go. And no matter where you are in the world, you will always meet somebody.”