THERE is a lot in Donald Trump’s in tray at the moment with the Iran nuclear deal, the ongoing tensions with North Korea and the ramifications of almost everything he tweets.
But now the President of the United States has another matter to take into consideration: whether or not to accept an invitation to officially open this year’s Lady of the Lake Festival on July 13 in Irvinestown. 
This is not fake news but a “very serious” request by Joe Mahon, the owner of Mahon’s Hotel and one of the event’s organisers, who reached out to the colourful president who will visit the UK on that date via a late night tweet.
“We think Trump would bring a bit of colour to the whole thing. I know he likes Twitter so I sent him a tweet there one night I was sitting in the house,” Mr. Mahon told The Impartial Reporter yesterday (Wednesday).
“He hasn’t replied to me yet,” he said. 
Mr. Mahon says the festival, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, epitomises what community spirit is all about. 
“Trump might learn how to get on with people, like that Kim Jong-un boy, when he meets us.

Impartial Reporter:

Joe Mahon as President Donald Trump as ‘First Lady Melania Trump’, wearing a hat kindly supplied by Enniskillen woman Roisin Kelly, looks on. Photos by John McVitty.

“Sure you never know what might happen. If he wants to meet Jong-un when he’s here he can surely, they can use the Delany Suite. They can have one of my special giant burgers half price,” he said. 
Mr. Mahon, who also intends to invite The Queen to the festival when he picks up his BEM at Buckingham Palace next week, says securing both of them would be “a big draw to the town.”
“We’ve had Garry Jennings and Hugo Duncan but getting Trump and The Queen would be better again. I’ll be chatting her on Tuesday. I might even let her and Trump take Bongo for a walk if they come,” he said.