AN Erne North councillor has warned of a ‘cash desert’ in Trillick if the village’s only ATM is removed.

Raising his concerns about what he described as a “turf war” between banks and ATM providers, DUP councillor, Raymond Farrell said ATMs were “under increasing threat in rural areas”.

“I have very grave concern about the withdrawal of ATMs,” he told councillors during their Full Council meeting.

“I was approached by people in the Trillick area with concerns about the ATM in the village.

“There seems to be a turf war between banks and providers of ATMs. Fees have to be paid when customers are using them.”

Mr. Farrell said he believed the ATM’s removal would result in a “cash flow shortage” in Trillick and other rural areas like it.

“It will impact local businesses,” he warned.

“Not everybody is au fait or wishes to use a cash card.”

The Erne North predicted a “cash desert in rural west” if the ATM was removed.

“I think this is something we all need to be wary of and aware of,” he told his Council colleagues.

“I will be giving my support to people in the Trillick area,” he added.