FOUR people have been rescued after the boat they were in ran aground on Lough Erne yesterday (Sunday).

Volunteers from Carrybridge RNLI launched a lifeboat to rescue those on board the 35ft cruiser approximately one mile west of Knockninny just before 2pm.

A spokesman for RNLI said the four people on board were “unharmed.”

“The RNLI volunteer crew assessed the vessel and its crew and found that they were OK and the vessel was not taking on water. The lifeboat crew set up a tow line and refloated the vessel towing it into deeper water.

"The vessel was checked for damage and all was found to be in order. The vessel was able to continue on its journey,” he said.

Stephen Scott, Deputy Launch Authority at Carrybridge RNLI, said he hoped those on board “have a very enjoyable holiday” and advised boat users to “plan your passage before setting out, and take particular care whilst navigating.”