A YELLOW bucket, empty beer tins, crisp bags, plastic bags, tyres and the remains of a packet of German smoked cheese.
Just some of the rubbish that has been pictured scattered across the Cornaleck area, outside Derrylin, in the past fortnight.
Green Party’s Tanya Jones said the sight of the rubbish made her “sad and angry.”
“It is not only unsightly, taking away the opportunity for others, especially families with young children, to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but also highly dangerous to wildlife and ultimately to our own human health.
“This kind of action shows a distressing disconnection from one another, from the earth and from the other creatures with which we share our surroundings,” she said.
Mrs. Jones, the former deputy leader of her party, appealed to the public to “think about what they are doing and take the tiny amount of effort necessary to dispose of their rubbish responsibly and safely.”