AT just 22 months old Fermanagh toddler Dexter Griffiths is on the brink of helping the world see what disability is like through the eyes of a child.
It is all thanks to his loving and determined mum, Sarah, and Enniskillen author Laura Quinn.
The two mothers have teamed up to co-write ‘My Mum’s Not Different’, a heart driven children’s book with an important message behind it.
Sarah, who has Cerebral Palsy, and her husband, Danny had always wanted to have children.
“It was a hard journey to get to the point of being pregnant,” says Sarah, “When we got to that point and we knew he was going to be healthy and, well, that was such a huge relief. But then my next worry was what was it going to be like for him - was he going to be bullied because of me?
“That hit me like a train. I had never thought about my disability through the eyes of a child before.”
Keen to help children understand that just because she uses a wheelchair, it doesn’t make her any different from any other mum, Sarah believed there was great scope for a children’s book.
Mum of one, Laura is already more than adept in what it takes to make a good children’s story.
Her ‘Monkey Blue’ series has become a hugely popular bedtime read since it launched last year.
“Monkey Blue is one of Dexter’s favourite books,” says Sarah, “I had posted on Facebook about it and tagged the illustrator for the series, Kevin McHugh, who is a friend.
“Laura saw my post and contacted me saying she was so glad that Dexter liked it.
“We started messaging back and forth and I told her I had an idea for a children’s book, but was always putting it on the long finger.”
Laura loved the idea, and within an hour had already come up with a draft of what the narrative should be.
“I had never met Sarah or Dexter before but I immediately felt that the story should be told from Dexter’s perspective,” Laura explains.
“I quickly put something together and sent it to Sarah and it all started from there.”
Making a name for herself in the children’s book world, Laura’s schedule is becoming increasingly busy.
But she says Sarah and Dexter’s story grabbed her attention.
“I really thought Sarah had something - a really important and emotive message.”
According to Sarah the entire process has been “incredible”.
And although the initial idea was only discussed in March, the two mums are now looking at the possibility of launching the book this September.
“We were able to write it really fast because we both have similar styles and we were really on the same page with everything,” says Sarah, “We worked really well together and I loved that Laura was just as passionate about the important message as I was.
“The whole message is that this is Dexter’s norm - and that is totally fine.
“We can do everything that every other family can do, just slightly differently.
“Myself and Laura wanted the book to show the world what it is like through his eyes and I think what we have created is something really special and a wonderful tribute to Dexter too - I hope he will be proud!”
Sarah and Danny are just weeks away from welcoming another baby into their family.
“We always wanted a sibling for Dexter, but how lovely it is going to be now, to be off on maternity leave while all of this is going on with the book.
“I hope the book will have far reaching appeal - that adults with disabilities can see it and think - ‘Why would I not consider becoming a parent - it is completely possible’.”
Both Laura and Sarah say Dexter’s story has brought tears to their eyes on more than one occasion already.
“I think it is just so heart-driven,” says Sarah, “There is so much emotion and love behind the words - it is something very unique.”
Although the two women knew very little of each other before this year, it turns out they had a lot more in common than they thought.
“I didn’t know anything about Laura before we started talking but it turns out her uncle used to be my tutor,” Sarah explains, “When I was younger I had to have surgery which left me unable to go to school for a while. Her uncle home schooled me during that period.
“It turns out he was also a huge mentor for her too. He taught her everything she is using now to write her books. 
“The work she is doing now is influenced and inspired by him, so the book we have created together is a lovely tribute to him as well.”