Residents in Lisnaskea are calling on Fermanagh and Omagh District Council to take action against “litter louts” who are discarding all kinds of rubbish including beer bottles, crisp packets and even used condoms outside their homes.
The situation has worsened in recent weeks with more and more motorists dumping leftover food and drinks along the Moorlough Road, close to residential areas.
The issue has been described by one homeowner as “a disgrace” after he spotted a used condom, broken glass and a number of other items strewn outside his house. At the weekend he counted more than 20 pieces of discarded rubbish.
“This is happening almost every day, I have to lift it all up and throw it in the bin. You could find anything; beer cans, a traffic cone, even bits of a car. It is dangerous to children, animals and the environment,” he said.
The resident, who did not want to be named, believes a bin should be provided to the area in a bid to address the problem.
“If there was a bin here I think it would cut the problem in half,” he said.
Democratic Unionist Councillor for the area, Paul Robinson, said the situation on the Moorlough Road has become “very frustrating.”
“It is impacting negatively on both the environment and the appearance of our countryside. The Moorlough Road is used by a high volume of traffic with many home owners living close to the road side. I would remind road users that the cost of litter picking is paid for by the rate payer,” he said.
Deputy leader of the Green Party Tanya Jones said every effort must be made to ensure that the environment can be “clean and comfortable.”
“Some people seem to think of the interior of their own car as the only environment that matters, and imagine that they can chuck out their responsibility as easily as they chuck out the by-products of their fleeting pleasures. 
“But we all have to live in the wider environment of our locality, and we all suffer from its degradation. The absence of a bin isn’t any excuse for littering,” she told this newspaper. 


From Enniskillen to Belleek. From Kinawley to Kesh. From Rosslea to Irvinestown. Fly tipping and littering has become a major issue in Fermanagh and enough is enough.
The Impartial Reporter has launched its very own Keep Fermanagh Tidy campaign which aims to raise awareness of the growing problem of illegal dumping in the area which has already cost ratepayers over £1.6 million in the last 12 months. 
Week after week this newspaper publishes photographs of discarded beer cans, crisp packets, sandwich wrappers and a multitude of other waste along with the remarks of a frustrated member of the public, politician or Council spokesperson.
Last week it was empty beer bottles and a used condom found near a house in Lisnaskea, this week it’s rubbish dumped near Ely Lodge in Enniskillen. What will it be next time?
We want to continue to shine a spotlight on this issue and need your help.
If you spot illegal dumping or littering in Fermanagh please e-mail us photographs and your thoughts to with the location or phone us on 028 66 32 44 22 to let us know.  You can, of course, remain anonymous if you wish. 
Like you, we care deeply about our county which is renowned for its lakes, scenery and its nature. And like you, we want to Keep Fermanagh Tidy.