UP to 500 fixed penalties or prosecutions have been issued by police in and around the area of Quay Lane in Enniskillen.
That is according to PSNI Inspector Rory Hoy who says he has been dealing with ongoing anti-social behaviour in the Enniskillen public car park since 2003.
The issue has come to the fore once more after “tormented” residents say they are being kept awake at night by the sounds of revving engines into the early hours of the morning. 
Their plight was discussed at the latest Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) meeting.
“Somebody must know who is responsible,” said Sinn Fein councillor Debbie Coyle. “Between the Council and the police this issue has been brought up before. Surely somebody must be able to do something.
“People living there have been putting up for years and years and nobody seems to be doing anything.”
PCSP manager Carol Follis said going to Quay Lane was something of a rite of passage for young drivers who had just passed their test.
“It moves on so quickly - they go down there, they get bored with it and move on but then a new cohort come in.”
Sergeant Rory Hoy said suggesting nothing was being done was a “complete understatement”.
“My children tell me Quay Lane car park is referred to as ‘loser’s car park’ - that is how it is interpreted. They go here for a while, they move on.
“There is a lot of work being done in the background.
“But it is a complex problem - it is a public road running through a public car park with various owners.”
The police sergeant said the car crash simulator had been brought in to the area on two occasions, up to 500 fixed penalties or prosecutions had been dished out and he told PCSP members that police were in the area at least 13 times a day.
“When we appear they behave. The problems start when we leave.
“Cars have been seized and at least two people have lost licences through the courts.
“But not everything can be dealt with by the police. 
“This is a multi-agency issue but it tends to be the case that it all falls back to the police.
“A lot of the kids involved are good kids who are just getting involved in anti-social behaviour. And I say ‘just’, but anti-social behaviour is one of the most impactive issues on people’s lives.”
PSNI District Commander, Jane Humphries said the issue was similar to problems experienced in many towns and villages across the county.
“Short of barricading Quay Lane off we are trying our best - and even if we did barricade it, all we would be doing is moving the problem on to another area.
“These residents are tortured, it is unacceptable to expect them to live in these conditions. It may seem like a rite of passage to those who have just passed their test but it doesn’t make it right.”