FERMANAGH and Omagh District Council officials have proposed installing monitoring cameras at two dumping ‘hot spots’ in the area for a six-month trial period.

At this month’s meeting of the Environmental Services Committee, Stephen Forrest, Head of Parks and Open Space, said that surveillance cameras had been successfully used by both Belfast and Lisburn and Castlereagh City Councils to both prosecute and introduce an “effective” deterrent.

Proposing undertaking a six-month trial period at two known ‘hot spots’ in Fermanagh and Omagh, Mr. Forrest told Councillors that the total cost of the initiative was estimated at £5,400.

In his update report on fly tipping, dumping and litter in the district, the Council official said the local authority had spent around £1.643 million on dealing with the issue in 2017-18.

He said that, during the last financial year, there had been 379 fly-tipping incidents, a total of 114 fixed penalties had been issued for fly-tipping and littering offences and there had also been a “significant number” of unreported smaller incidents dealt with by street cleansing staff.

Proposing that Councillors approve the recommendation to install the monitoring cameras on a trial basis, Erne East representative, Victor Warrington, asked whether dash cam footage recorded by members of the public could be used to bring prosecutions.

Mr. Forrest said the local authority would encourage the public to come forward if they have evidence.

However, he stressed that any person reporting dumping would have to be prepared to give a witness statement in court.

In response, Mr. Warrington said: “If more people are hit with fines, it’s going to be a good deterrent.”

The UUP Councillor’s proposal was seconded by Erne West’s Anthony Feely.

He described fly-tipping as a “very big issue” in his area, especially around the Border roads.

Mr. Feely asked for more cameras to be provided and said that extra signage would also be “very useful”.

Enniskillen Councillor, Keith Elliott, asked if there was any way for enforcement officers to patrol the car parks in the town after-hours.

Mr Elliott said: “A lot of people go into town in the morning at 8am and they don’t see the mess that has already been cleared up by the town orderlies or the guys with the sweeper vans.”

The Councillor claimed that the car parks were “atrocious” with rubbish in the early hours.

“If the mechanical sweepers weren’t out for a day or two, Enniskillen would be some mess,” Mr. Elliott told the meeting.

He added: “The only good thing is that the majority of the public don’t see it.”

Meanwhile, fellow Enniskillen Councillor Barry Doherty told the meeting that he would support a suggestion from veteran West Tyrone Councillor Allan Rainey to “name and shame” littering offenders.

But Mr. Doherty said: “Naming and shaming is a good idea in theory, but you’re appealing to the person’s conscience. I would say that those sort of people are lacking that critical faculty.”

 The Councillor also suggested that images of the fly-tipping across the district that were shown to the Committee at the meeting should be used “extensively” on social media and on billboards.

“Just to say this is not acceptable and this is the mess that people are leaving behind,” Mr. Doherty added.

On the possibility of ‘naming and shaming’, Mr. Forrest told the meeting: “We will take legal advice as to what we can do as a Council.”


From Enniskillen to Belleek. From Kinawley to Kesh. From Rosslea to Irvinestown. Fly tipping and littering has become a major issue in Fermanagh and enough is enough.
The Impartial Reporter has launched its very own Keep Fermanagh Tidy campaign which aims to raise awareness of the growing problem of illegal dumping in the area which has already cost ratepayers over £1.6 million in the last 12 months. 
Week after week this newspaper publishes photographs of discarded beer cans, crisp packets, sandwich wrappers and a multitude of other waste along with the remarks of a frustrated member of the public, politician or Council spokesperson.
Last week it was empty beer bottles and a used condom found near a house in Lisnaskea, this week it’s rubbish dumped near Ely Lodge in Enniskillen. What will it be next time?
We want to continue to shine a spotlight on this issue and need your help.
If you spot illegal dumping or littering in Fermanagh please e-mail us photographs and your thoughts to editorial@impartialreporter.com with the location or phone us on 028 66 32 44 22 to let us know.  You can, of course, remain anonymous if you wish. 
Like you, we care deeply about our county which is renowned for its lakes, scenery and its nature. And like you, we want to Keep Fermanagh Tidy.