The hot weather is still here and it is showing no signs of leaving us just yet. Temperatures were up close to 30 degrees over the weekend and while it has dipped to the mid 20’s since it has been a long time since Fermanagh has been bathed in such sustained sunshine; in fact it has been 172 years with Armagh Observatory noting that it was the the warmest June since 1846.
The Impartial Reporter had photographs from readers showing tarmac bubbling in Tempo. Other reports had people bulk buying water from shops around Enniskillen, while there has also been deeply alarming news that there could be something of a ‘crisp crisis’ in the coming months such are the difficulties faced by farmers. 
On a serious note however there are real concerns over the lack of rain and the effect that it may have on agriculture. 
At present a hosepipe ban is in place across Northern Ireland and people are being urged to adhere to it to ensure enough water for livestock: UFU president Ivor Ferguson said: “As this prolonged spell of hot weather continues, it’s essential that all farm animals have an adequate supply of water. Even a temporary shortage would have a devastating effect on animal welfare.”