A 19-year-old male found by police to have £1,400 worth of cannabis in his car is hoping to become a drug and alcohol abuse counsellor, Fermanagh Magistrates Court has heard.
Callum Martin, Oakfield Court, Enniskillen was stopped by police on April 29 this year.
When they smelled cannabis in the vehicle they informed him they would be conducting a search.
During the search, cannabis, with an estimated street value of £1,400 was discovered.
In court his solicitor, Ciaran Roddy conceded it was a “significant amount of a Class B drug”.
But he added that Martin was already taking steps to turn his life around, explaining that he had been receiving professional help over the last year, “entirely of his own volition”.
“He went down a very unfortunate path whilst experiencing childhood difficulties growing up in school,” 
Mr. Roddy explained. 
“Things were very difficult and this resulted in addiction to class B drugs.”
Mr. Roddy referred to the “candour” in which Martin had discussed the extent of his addiction issues in his pre-sentence report.
He said the treatment had “reduced consumption of illegal substances to the point that he is completely cannabis free as of the present”.
The solicitor said his client now had a plan to help him “channel his abilities”.
“He now intends to attend a course this coming semester as a drug and alcohol abuse counsellor, so he can help others,” he explained.
He said that although Martin was currently unemployed, he was “occupying his time in meaningful ways”.
District Judge Michael Ranaghan acknowledged the issues he had experienced.
He sentenced him to 180 hours of community service, to be completed within 12 months and fined him £250.
He ordered a destruction of the drugs and told Martin he had to pay a £15 offenders levy also.