Up to 1,000 fish are feared dead in one three mile stretch of Tempo River in what has been called “a pollution incident”. 
   In a video posted online over the weekend over 30 dead trout were counted in one small area. The discovery was made a half a mile from Maguiresbridge and has been described as a “disaster” by one local angler. 
The Northern Ireland Environment Agency confirmed that they were investigating the incident.
“NIEA is currently investigating a pollution incident in the Tempo River near Maguiresbridge after receiving reports of dead fish on Friday 27/07/18 via the Water Pollution Hotline: 0800 80 70 60. 
“NIEA has taken samples in accordance with procedure but as it is an ongoing investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”
In a Facebook post over the weekend that included two videos and several pictures the scale of the devastation is clear to see. 
In one video a man, who has waded into the river, can be seen to count up to 30 dead trout in the lake. 
Among those fish believed to have dies include a species of crayfish that is currently endangered. 
Farmers in the area made the find before alerting the Maguiresbridge and District Anglin Club. 
One local angler, who did not want to be named said it was “sad to see.”
“So many fish wiped out, it could be up to a 1,000. 
“There needs to be an investigation carried out as quickly as possible to find out what happened and then steps need to be taken.”
One cause for the fish kill is the run off of farm waste while low oxygen levels in the water coupled with the recent warm weather has also been put forward as a possible cause.